UV disinfection

We offer a wide range of UV-C disinfection systems to treat air, surfaces and fluids in order to destroy microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, molds, yeasts, protozoa and viruses in seconds.

The process is simple, economical, reliable and is based on a clean solution or a combination with other methods such as filters, ozone and chemicals

We offer a wide range of UV disinfection equipment using high intensity discharge bulbs (HID) or low pressure tubes (LP).

The selection of UV light equipment to be optimized for the specific application depending on the volume and surface to be treated under UV light, the exposure or UV intensity required, integration into the process and the temperature and environment.

Decontamination trolley by UVC applied to air and surfaces

Tablet controlled mobile decontamination unit for disinfection of air and surfaces within rooms to reduce bacteria, viruses and other contamination.     Releases high UVC output at a frequency of 254 nm     3m radius coverage with a 6m diameter     Includes eight high output UVC germicidal tubes     Motion sensor to prevent personal exposure     Includes a tablet for Wi-Fi operations