Air purification system : StaticAir
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Air purification system : StaticAir | STATICAIR

StaticAir is specialized in air purification within various sectors : Smart City, Tunnels, Parking, Climbing Gym, Industry



There's so many techniques to achieve clean air, that it's hard to say which one works best. StaticAir uses a unique sustainable technology, based on patents developed by scientists Dr. Ing. Jan Marijnissen and Dr. Ing. Rein André Roos from the Netherlands. They discovered at an early stage that filtering is not the solution. The efficiency of a filter decreases rapidly, filters need to be replaced and are expensive, especially in the long term. The technology applied by StaticAir uses ‘attraction’, which is reliable, very energy-efficient and effective.



StaticAir’s systems are sustainable, meaning they operate energy efficient, using only 18 WATTS. Our systems have no moving parts and are therefore operating totally noise free, which is a unique feature compared to other solutions. 

All materials can be recycled and there is even a circular solution to reuse the fine dust residue. Our systems are quick and easy to install. A simple applicability at  existing situations make our systems a go-to solution, creating cleaner air from pollution in a fast pace. Our systems don’t use up any floor space and make sure they do the dirty work where they are located.


Fine particulate matter is a microscopic small form of (ultra-) fine dust which makes up air pollution. These extremely small particles are invisible to the human eye. Scientists are worried about the severe consequences of air pollution threatening our health and wellbeing. These tiny particles are classified into different varieties and a distinction is made between the size of the particles. The unit is PM, which stands for Particulate Matter:

  • PM10 Particles with a diameter smaller than 10 micrometer
  • PM2,5 Particles with a diameter smaller than 2.5 micrometer
  • PM0,1 Particles smaller than 0.1 micrometer (ultra-fine dust)

StaticAir’s innovative systems are able to reduce all types and sizes of fine particulate matter without the use of a filter and mechanic ventilation.


StaticAir keeps on looking to find better solutions to help eliminating air pollution. Our systems are developed and manufactured in The Netherlands. We have our own In-house Lab, which is equipped with the newest techniques, keeping our research and development team on top of their game for continuous improvement of our systems. The testing of our systems are done on a regular basis to ensure we provide the world with the best we can possibly offer.


All StaticAir’s systems work with LoRa technology. LoRa offers features for IoT (Internet of Things) applications. LoRa can easily plug into existing infrastructure and enables low-cost battery-operated IoT applications. Our systems are equipped with technology to serve the future and is herewith a Smart City solution.

StaticAir PMX Brochure

PMX for Smart City, Parking and Industry

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