IoT have the potential to transform agriculture in many aspects. The number of parameters that can be managed today via wireless sensors is endless, and includes temperature, humidity, light, carbon dioxide (CO2), weight, soil moisture, stem diameter photosynthetic active radiation.

Active filters

Monitoring CO2, temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure Aranet4 Pro

IF THIS IS FOR A PERSONAL USE, ARANET4 HOME VERSION AVAILABLE HERE DID YOU CHECK OUR ARANET4 HOME version? Aranet4 is an easy to use CO² monitoring device that lets you know right away if the ventilation is sufficient and whether you are at an elevated risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection via aerosols. Visual color indicators, as well as a sound alarm, will notify you when action (opening windows, turning up the ventilation or leaving the room all together) must be taken.

Aranet Lux Sensor

Aranet LUX sensor detects ambient light in all kind of building environment – offices, retail spaces, conference rooms and other places that require coordinated lighting solutions.     Aranet LUX sensor is compatible with Aranet Cloud.

Aranet IR plant temperature sensor

Aranet Infrared Plant Temperature sensor measures plant temperature, a critical parameter for determining Vapour Pressure Deficit (VDP). It is ideally suited for the needs of the horticulture industry. High measurement accuracy and product durability (IP65 casing) ensure best-in-class performance. Easy-to-use wireless sensor with up to 12 years of battery life. The sensor is compatible with Aranet Cloud.