Aranet offers industrial IoT environmental monitoring solutions for a variety of businesses, making it easy to collect and analyze real-time data. Discover all the ways Aranet can help your company take wireless monitoring to the next level!

Aranet is a brand of SAF Tehnika JSC (SAF1R.RG), one of the leading microwave data transmission equipment manufacturers in the world with a presence in over 130 countries. Our 20+ years of experience in information technology has enabled us to build a truly unique and innovative Aranet radio that powers our entire Aranet ecosystem.

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Aranet IR plant temperature sensor

Aranet Infrared Plant Temperature sensor measures plant temperature, a critical parameter for determining Vapour Pressure Deficit (VDP). It is ideally suited for the needs of the horticulture industry. High measurement accuracy and product durability (IP65 casing) ensure best-in-class performance. Easy-to-use wireless sensor with up to 12 years of battery life. The sensor is compatible with Aranet Cloud.

Aranet Lux Sensor

Aranet LUX sensor detects ambient light in all kind of building environment – offices, retail spaces, conference rooms and other places that require coordinated lighting solutions.     Aranet LUX sensor is compatible with Aranet Cloud.