UV Germicidal Hand Lamp
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UV Germicidal Hand Lamp

High output UVC germicidal lamp for disinfection of surfaces and areas difficult to reach with fixed mount UV lamps.

  •     High UVC output at 254 nm
  •     Rapid disinfection of all surfaces and equipment 
  •     Contains UV 400W Mercury (Hg) bulb
  •     Includes power supply
Delivery in 2-5 business days

By comparing the UV light output of the lamp to published research regarding the Coronavirus, you can achieve > 90% reduction in Coronavirus from just 2 seconds exposure. Use a slow-scanning motion to disinfect equipment and surfaces ensuring potential shadow areas are also exposed.

Current uses include disinfection of hospitals, care homes, surgeries, schools, nurseries, transport, equipment, incoming packaging and more.

Please note: UVC is extremely harmful to the skin and eyes. The operator must wear a full UV protective face shield (supplied) along with gloves and full protective clothing. It should be used when no other persons are present unless also wearing PPE.

Applications and uses

For several years now this particular lamp has been used for disinfection of equipment and surfaces in laboratories. Other applications include:

  •     Disinfection of hospital equipment and surfaces
  •     Disinfection of rooms between uses
  •     Disinfection of public transport, including trains and aeroplanes
  •     Disinfection of care homes, surgeries, dentists and other healthcare establishments
  •     Disinfection of medical items, food, packaging

Example of application

Technical information

UV source UV 400W Mercury (Hg) bulb
UV source life span 500 hours
UV wavelength range 200 nm – 400 nm
Peak UV wavelength 254 nm
Power 410 W
Power requirements 230 V (50 Hz)
Construction material Anodised aluminium
Weight 1.5 Kg (lamp head only)
Rating IP 40

UV health and safety

All of our UV equipment is supplied with maximum permissible exposure times for the skin and eyes at specified distances from the source.

We also provide PPE, hazard warnings, shielding and guarding, risk management training and where required, on-site measurements and training.

Speak to a member of our team to discuss your equipment and safety requirements.

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