Automatic Pineapple, Mango and Melon Peeling Machine : KA-750PM
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Automatic Pineapple, Mango and Melon Peeling Machine : KA-750PM | ASTRA INC.

Can peel: Pineapple, Mango and Melon

“Pineapplator” KA-750PM uses its large steel blade to peel fruits vertically. With minimal edible flesh removed in the process, product yield is increased +20% than traditional hand peeling.


The only tabletop electric peeler of pineapples, melons, mangoes, and pumpkins

Pineapples, honeydew melons, muskmelons, rounded mangoes, elongated mangoes, pumpkins… etc. Already peeling tons of fruits/ vegetables all over the world.

Highest yield rate of any peeler in its class

The newly developed blade can handle the toughest skin of the pineapple. Compared to the conventional cutter, KA-750PM achieves 150% higher yield rate (60% pineapple yield) and contributes significantly to cost reduction.

Wonky fruits/ vegetables are no problem

ASTRA’s patented technology makes you able to peel wonky fruits/ vegetables beautifully just as in normal shape. By adjusting the peeling depth, you can peel the only surface (zesting).

A better peel, a longer shelf life

The peeled surface is more beautiful than you imagine. Peel-A-Ton Pineapplator maintains fruit integrity longer than hand peeling and prevents both juice dripping and food spoilage.

Three types available to meet your needs

The all-around basic model “KA-750PM”, economically designed pineapple peeler “KA-720P”, and “KA-730M” specialized in mangoes. You can choose the one that best suits your work and budget.

Customer examples

  • 720% productivity at an East Asia pineapple factory
  • Peeling in front of the customers at Taiwanese supermarkets
  • 50% labor fee saved at a central kitchen in the USA
  • Japanese factories with strict hygiene control
  • 30% less waste at a processing factory in India