Monitoring agricultural or industrial facilities in real time: DigitPlan
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Monitoring agricultural or industrial facilities in real time: DigitPlan | MCSystems

The management of the data coming from the different devices is possible in the Digitplan web. We developed a platform where all the information regarding the facilities of each user is gathered, thus achieving a high control of the storage systems.


Digitplan, the application that monitors agricultural or industrial facilities in real time

User-oriented monitoring software, where user can control the status of your installation in real time, using data obtained from the various level sensors (Silometric or Fluidmetric) or temperature sensors (SecurDetect), through any electronic device connected to the Internet.


  • Multiplatform.
  • Real-time status and inventory display.
  • Consultation of historical data in graphic format, exportable to a spreadsheet (csv).
  • Geo-location of the devices.
  • Low level alarms configuration
  • Possibility of integration with other programs.

The main functionalities offered by Digitplan are:


  • General graphic vision of the user's devices
  • Access through any electronic device with Internet connectivity.
  • Possibility of assigning different users to each installation for its supervision.
  • Default frequency at 1 reading every 2 hours, customizable according to the client's needs.
  • Historical information available. 


  • Generation of warnings when a critical level is reached
  • Notifications via SMS or email.


  • Positioning of the devices, allowing management optimization and efficient planning of supplies.