Silo Management

MCSystems provides innovative solutions for the control and management of stocks on farms. Their measurement, monitoring, and data management systems offer a reliable reading of the levels in the feed tanks and silos located on the farms. This facilitates the work of both the farmer and the integrator, resulting in a magnificent tool for correct management of stocks and optimizing supply and replenishment logistics. 

MCSystems' Fluidmetric system is a great tool for reading levels in containers with liquid content. It is easy to install at the top of your tank, from where the readings are made. You can consult the readings in real-time through the web platform Digitplan. MC SYSTEMS provides different approved models of equipment that vary according to the liquid material with which they work.

Silometric is a level sensor developed by MCSystems for the management and control of solid materials from silos and tanks. It uses laser technology to make level measurements in the storage system, allowing the user to know the status of stocks in their facilities in real-time from any intelligent electronic device. This innovative product is a great tool for the management of solid materials and granules.

MCSystems' innovative solutions are designed to help farmers optimize their stock management and supply chain logistics. With their easy-to-install systems, farmers can monitor their stock levels in real-time, allowing them to make informed decisions about their operations. MCSystems' products are reliable, economical, and easy to use, making them an ideal choice for farmers looking to improve their stock management practices.