Penetrometer, compactometer, permeameter, soil sampler

FALKER has been manufacturing since 2005 a wide range of equipment and software for agronomists, engineers and technicians for farms, the agro-industrial sector and research and educational institutions.

Several thousand devices are used daily by the following customers: more than 50 universities (with more than 400 scientific publications citing their products)

agro-industries: Louis Dreyfus commodities, ADECAGRO, COOPAVEL, COTRIJAL ..

Chlorophyll meter: clorofiLOG 2060

The clorofiLOG is an equipment that optically measures the chlorophyll content in the leaves of plants. Chlorophyll characteristically absorbs light at certain wavelengths. Analyzing this absorption makes it possible to determine the chlorophyll content.

Active NDVI Reflectance Meter : Flexum

With Flexum, you analyze the development of the nutritional conditions of the crop in real time, being able to diagnose and adjust fertilization quickly, in addition to having much more practicality: the equipment can be installed in different vehicles. It performs the optical analysis of the development and nutritional status of the crop during eld operations, even without sunlight. It allows diagnosing problems for immediate fertilization adjustments.