Soil moisture analyzer: HidroFarm
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Soil moisture analyzer: HidroFarm | Falker

HidroFarm's soil analysis uses high-quality sensors at strategic points in the crop to determine the ideal time for sowing, to plan machine entry to avoid soil compaction, and to carry out research.


The HidroFarm is a high-frequency impedance soil moisture analyzer, whose HFM 1010 remote sensor can be located at various fixed measuring points in the field. It is a modern, practical and efficient solution for controlling irrigation, choosing the right sowing date and introducing machinery to avoid soil compaction, and for R&D work.

Equipment not yet CE approved.

Offered as a ready-to-use package containing : 

  • HidroFarm 3030 + HFM 1010 sensor + cable + carrying case + safety strap + USB communication cable

Advantages :

  • All your maps and histories in a single App 
  • Integrated GPS for geolocation 
  • USB connection for Falker Water App integration and measured data export 
  • Graphical display with simplified, intuitive interface
  • Compact, rugged desgin for field use  
  • Fast data collection
  • Multiple HFM 1010 sensors possible
  • Compact size for agile data logging
  • 20 cm long sensor captures the presence of water in a 30 cm diameter zone, and can be surface-mounted to reach deeper layers

Application Note :

  • Crop monitoring for corn winter 
  • cereals small
  • weights, soybeans R
  • Rice, cotton
  • Vegetables
  • Sugar cane Tobacco
  • Fruit
  • Manioc
  • Potatoes...

The data collected by nanan can be read and described by the "Falker Water" application. This is an online system, with data stored in the cloud, and automatic synchronization between the web and the application. You can access it from anywhere to analyze, share and generate measurement reports for presentation.

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