Soil penetrometer: Soil compaction tester
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Soil penetrometer: Soil compaction tester | Agreto

Device for calculating soil compactness to determine whether loosening measures must be necessary.

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A device that is planted in the soil, it evaluates and determines soil compactness on farmland. It detects any compacted layers in the soil, enabling the farmer to decide whether or not to start decompacting the soil.

Technicals features :

  • Probe length: 75 cm
  • Probe diameter: 12 mm
  • Tip for firm soil: 13 mm
  • Tip for loose soil: 19,5 mm
  • Measuring range: 0 to 400 PSI
  • Power supply: not necessary
  • Weight: 2.090 g
  • Device dimensions: 915 x 292 x 58 mm (L-W-H)

Benefits :

  • Localization of unwanted soil compaction on agricultural land
  • Allows proper measures to eliminate soil compaction
  • Helps ensure better soil structure
  • Helps achieve higher yields