Egg Freshness Tester / Haugh units
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Egg Freshness Tester / Haugh units | Bröring Technology GmbH

The Haugh unit is currently the gold standard for assessing egg quality. Our innovative albumen height gauge enables you to quickly ascertain the freshness of eggs. The procedure is simple: first, weigh the egg, then crack it open to begin the analysis.


The hauh unit, ,ow considered the gold standard for egg quality assessment, plays a crucial role in determining egg freshness. Our innovative albumen height gauge enables rapid freshness evaluation. The process is straightforward:

  • Weigh the egg.
  • Crack the egg onto a flat glass plate.
  • Position the albumen height gauge above the egg white, ensuring the measuring needle is approximately 1 cm from the edge of the egg yolk.
  • Press down on the needle.

The resulting value is automatically calculated and displayed in the software. Here are indicative freshness values:

  • 100: Highest and best quality
  • 90: Excellent
  • 80: Very good
  • 75: Good
  • 70: Acceptable
  • 65: Limit
  • 60: Critical consumer level
  • 55: Too low
  • 50: Unacceptable
  • 40: Poor
  • 30: Very bad
  • 20: Worst quality

Keep in mind that internal egg quality can also be negatively impacted by diseases (such as B.I.) within a flock. In the case of a fresh egg from an ill chicken, there may be a sudden and significant reduction in albumen height.


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