Egg Yolk Color Measurement Device
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Egg Yolk Color Measurement Device | Bröring Technology GmbH

This measurement devices operate using an RGB sensor, whose filtering curves correspond to the human eye.


Our measurement devices utilize an RGB sensor, with filtering curves aligned to the human eye (using the three-range method). From the red, green, and blue components, we calculate Lab values—which subsequently determine the Roche value. Both the Lab values and Roche values are recorded in our software.

The term “Roche” refers to the company Roche, which previously published the color spectrum depicted here on the right. Roche has since been acquired by DSM Nutrition Products GmbH.

Traditionally, egg yolk color is expressed in “Roche values” ranging from 1 to 15.

In our Egg Quality System 3.0, we integrate a color sensor directly into the worktable. This streamlined setup allows for a rapid and precise determination of egg yolk color.

During measurement, the egg is cracked on the worktable. If needed, we also measure the albumen height. Subsequently, the egg yolk is placed on the sensor, and the measurement process is initiated via the connected PC. The device features a USB port for direct PC connectivity.


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