Ecomatik IoP Measurement Systems
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Ecomatik IoP Measurement Systems | Ecomatik

IoP technology to monitor the activity and health of a plant / tree in time (check its growth, hydration and more).


With Ecomatik IoP products, a total visualization of the plant data (growth, hydration) in real time (via the low power long range network, LoRaWAN). 

Our IoP-S and IoP-M nodes are integrated via a LoRaWAN gateway, which establishes the connection with the Internet and the LoRa server where the measurement data is stored.

IoP-S (LoRa node with 2 analog inputs)

A small but fine LoRa node with two analog inputs for measuring, e.g. two dendrometers or one LAT-B3 leaf and air temperature sensor.

IoP-M (LoRa node + Multi-Interface)

Small, energy-saving and with a large number of connection options, the IoP-M node, is a LoRa node with RS485 interface combined with our Multi-Interface. Together the IoP-M is a real all-rounder:

If both devices are combined to form a Multi-IoP node, almost all Ecomatik sensors, but also many sensors from other manufacturers, can be integrated and result in a lean and cost-efficient solution for transmitting the most relevant plant data and environmental parameters via LoRa.

Options for equipping a Multi-IoP node with sensors :

  • 1x soil moisture and soil temperature sensor
  • 1x trunk dendrometer
  • 1x fruit dendrometer
  • 1x LAT-B3 leaf temperature sensor
  • 1x Air humidity, air temperature and air pressure sensor

Advantages of our IoP Systems :

  • Small, robust, weatherproof
  • High transmission ranges of more than 10 km possible (i.a. depending on the environment and the gateway used).
  • Low power consumption, battery-operated with internal, replaceable 8400 mAh battery, very long battery life (depending on the connected sensors and transmission interval)
IoP-S / IoP-M