Temperature, humidity and air pressure probe : Senstick SMC30
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Temperature, humidity and air pressure probe : Senstick SMC30 | Senzemo

Senstick is an award-winning LoRaWAN sensor. It is designed to operate autonomously for up to 7 years in harsh environments. It is suitable for wide variety of applications where reliable and case specific solution is needed. It combines measurements of temperature, humidity and air pressure.


The perishable nature of resources like seafood makes them significantly at risk of experiencing cold chain breaches and products being incorrectly handled. This can lead to deterioration in quality or product, packaging damage, and higher levels of waste.

Who is it for? Kitchen personnel, Industry professionals, Cold Chain managers, and Industrial Site Managers.

  • Better management of resources.
  • Withstands harsh environments.
  • Collects data for temperature, relative humidity, and air pressure.

Sensor in action

Food safety protocols are very important for 5-star hotel chains and their restaurant businesses. For Sheraton, Hyatt, Intercontinental, and Accor, the quality of food is very important to their guests, and there are a lot of internal rules that need to be obeyed to fulfill that promise.

Controlling food storage temperature is one of the most important ones, and using sensors makes for a more efficient, flexible, and economically sound process.

Key features

  • Rigidized housing
  • Motion detection
  • Harsh Environments
  • NFC or OTA Reconfigurable
  • Easy Installation & Integration
  • Customizable Settings
  • IP65 Water & Dust Resistant Rating
  • Up to 7 Years of Battery Life


  • Frost protection
  • Thermal comfort in cities
  • Machine failure in production
  • Harvested yield

Made in EU

Quality is the first focus of Senzemo. The sensors, aside from standing out by their design, are sourced and assembled in European Union, and produced using quality materials, which makes them much more reliable and precise.

They are built to last for a long time and if you don’t take into account the batteries, the sensors could last for decades. On Lorawan they can work up to 50km away from the gateway and offer easy assembling so that everyone, integrators, or end clients can have a quality experience with them.

  • Reliable.
  • Built to last.
  • For a long time.

Install & forget.

Once the sensors are installed and configured, they can operate independently without requiring ongoing maintenance or user intervention.

They’re designed to be reliable and operate without needing frequent updates or adjustments, and they can be left to function without the need for ongoing monitoring or management. Set up and connected to a network, they can operate automatically and provide ongoing functionality without requiring user input.

With just 2 AA alkaline batteries the sensor can work up to 7 years!

Unmatched precision.

You can not control what you don’t understand. But how can you understand the data if the measurements are imprecise?

This is why our focus on quality involves countless hours of lab testing and calibrating the sensors to fulfill on the promise of providing accurate data for your decision-making.