Portable Resistivity Meter For Materials: Loresta-AX MCP-T370
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Portable Resistivity Meter For Materials: Loresta-AX MCP-T370 | Nittoseiko Analytech

Very easy to use, the Loresta-AX portable resistivity meter allows rapid measurement on conductive materials (with low electrical resistivity)


Low Resistivity Meter (Measurement Range 10-2 -106Ω)

Easy operation. Clear display design.


  • Measurement can be done automatically in “Auto hold” mode simply by pressing the Start button
  • Nickel-hydrogen battery allows the resistivity meter to be used in a portable and autonomous manner and can be very easily recharged
  • Accuracy of the Loresta resistivity meter and probes can be quickly checked using the optional Probe Checker accessory
  • Measured data can be sent back to USB port


  • based on 4 terminal 4 pin measurement method
  • LCD display
  • range: 10 - 2 to 10 6 Ω
  • automatic or manual range change
  • powered by mains-charged nickel-hydrogen battery
  • MCP type probes: ASP, ESP, LSP, BSP, QPP, NSCP, AP, BP
  • data recovery via USB port
  • dimensions: 228 x 85 x 65 mm
  • weight: 420 g


  • very wide range of measurement on conductive products for example
  • paint, ink, paste, plastic, conductive rubber
  • films, transparent films, ITO glass, aluminum coatings, zinc, anti-static materials, EMI shielding materials, ceramics
  • clad materials, magnesium alloys, steel clad plate