Nittoseiko Analytech

NITTOSEIKO ANALYTECH is a Japanese manufacturer established in 1977 which offers a wide range of material measurement equipment. In particular the following electrical resistivity meters for measuring conductive materials:

  • Loresta-AX
  • Loresta GX-II
  • Hiresta UX
  • Powder measurement module MCP-PD 600

Typical applications: very wide measurement range on the following products:

  • Paint, ink, paste, plastic, rubber
  • Silicon wafer
  • Films, transparent films, ITO glass, aluminum coatings, zinc, anti-static materials, EMI shielding materials, ceramics
  • Paper, packaging materials, paints, fibers, concrete, ceramics, plastics, films
  • Plated materials, magnesium alloys, steel plating plate
  • Powders

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Automatic Powder Resistivity Analyzer: MCP-PD600

The resistivity of powder is a critical characteristic, distinct from both the properties of solid bulk material and individual particles. When powders are employed in the production of goods where the particle state is crucial, managing powder resistivity can significantly impact the final product specifications.