Nittoseiko Analytech

NITTOSEIKO ANALYTECH is a Japanese manufacturer established in 1977 which offers a wide range of material measurement equipment. In particular the following electrical resistivity meters for measuring conductive materials:

  • Loresta-AX
  • Loresta GX-II
  • Hiresta UX
  • Powder measurement module MCP-PD 600

Typical applications: very wide measurement range on the following products:

  • Paint, ink, paste, plastic, rubber
  • Silicon wafer
  • Films, transparent films, ITO glass, aluminum coatings, zinc, anti-static materials, EMI shielding materials, ceramics
  • Paper, packaging materials, paints, fibers, concrete, ceramics, plastics, films
  • Plated materials, magnesium alloys, steel plating plate
  • Powders

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