Model NO2/NO/O3 Calibration Source
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Model NO2/NO/O3 Calibration Source | 2.B Tech

This model combines the 3 gases for faster, more efficient analysis with its light weight and portability. Gases Using One Convenient Instrument


The Model 714 NO2/NO/O3 Calibration Source combines our Model 408 Nitric Oxide Calibration Source with our Model 306 Ozone Calibration Source to provide a highly portable transfer standard for three pollutant gases without the need for a compressed cylinder of nitric oxide.                                      Nitrous oxide is provided by disposable 8 or 16 oz cartridges typically used for making whipped cream, eliminating the requirement for a compressed gas cylinder and thereby enhancing safety and portability.  The Model 714 is designed to accompany sales of our new FEM Model 405 nm NO2/NO/NOx Monitor and replace current calibration systems for all ozone, NO and NO2 monitors.  The Model 714, which has an intuitive touch screen user interface and capability for remote operation, is provided in a rack mount-sized instrument case matching that of the Model 405 nm.

Features :

  • Calibrate for NO, NO2, or O3 using one instrument
  • Low power consumption (~18 watt on average)
  • Lightweight (~16.6 lb, 7.5 kg), standard rack-mount size
  • Convenient user interface, touch screen 
  • Program up to 99 different sequences, stored in internal memory
  • A sequence can have up to 15 steps and can be repeated up to 99 times
  • Portable N2O source eliminates the need for compressed gas cylinders
  • Economical, replacing the use of multiple other commercially available instruments
  • Capability for remote operation, enabling adjustments and calibrations when not co-located with the instrument​​