Model Ozone Calibration Source
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Model Ozone Calibration Source | 2.B Tech

Model for ozone type selection in the range 30 to 1000ppb/v.


This 306 portable calibration source enables you to calibrate any ozone controller quickly and easily. It recovers ozone from ambient air and produces on demand any type of ozone mixture in the range 30 to 1000ppb/v (ppb by volume): the desired ozone concentration.

The Ozone Cal Source is housed in the same small, rugged instrument case as the Model 202 and Model 205 Ozone Monitors.

Some applications of the Model 306 Ozone Calibration Source include:

  • Calibration of ozone monitors in the field.  This highly portable transfer standard is especially useful for maintaining the calibrations of networks of ozone monitors.
  • Testing of materials such as rubber, plastics and paint for effects of ozone exposure.
  • Studies of the effect of ozone on plants where a calibrated source of ozone is required.

Features :

  • Supplied as standard with 220v power supply, cigarette-lighter adapter and battery cable adapter.
  • Optional external battery kit and carrying case (for 2 hour autonomy in the field on full charge) + 220v battery charger.
  • Ozone production method: UV photolysis of oxygen at a wavelength of 185nm
  • Measurement accuracy: better than 2ppb/v (ppb per volume) or 1% of ozone concentration
  • Response time for loading into output ozone concentration : 30 sec to reach 95% change in concentration
  • Dimensions : 9 x 21 x 29cm
  • Weight : 2.6kg

The following figure shows the 4 calibration curves produced from the 4 sets of increasing and decreasing ozone concentrations.  The data points and lines for the 4 least squares fits, which are plotted in different colors, overlap so well that it is difficult to distinguish them.  The equations for the linear regressions show that the slopes of the  4 individual calibration curves agree to better than ±1% and the intercepts agree to ±2 ppbv.  Correlation coefficients (R^2) are all 0.9999 or 1.0000.Poids : 2,6kg.

Application Note :

In the example described in the brief writeup below, researchers use a Model 306 Ozone Calibration Source to deliver constant ozone exposures to skin samples.  The controlled study yielded new insights into the mechanism by which ozone pollution causes skin inflammation and conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne.