Ozone Monitor model : small range
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Ozone Monitor model : small range | 2.B Tech

Thanks to its 4-20 mA and USB outputs and its special OEM version: this analyzer is dedicated to industrial ozone measurement applications.


The Model 106-L ozone monitor is designed to measure ambient ozone concentrations down to very low ppb levels. The unique feature of this model is that it can also be used for accurate ozone measurements at concentrations up to 100 ppm (100,000 ppb).  It has been designated by the EPA as a Federal Equivalent Method (FEM) for compliance monitoring under the US Clean Air Act: EQOA-0914-218.  For a handheld personal monitor to measure individual exposures, see: Personal Ozone Monitor (POM).

The Model 106-L Ozone Monitor is recommended for workplace health and safety monitoring where ozone is being produced and used in a wide range of industrial applications such as water treatment, food processing, aquaculture, fruit and vegetable warehouses, and others.

Features :

  • Measurement based on UV absorption
  • Linear Dynamic Range to 0 at 100,000 ppb (0-100 ppm)
  • Low power consumption; can be battery operated (optional external lithium-ion battery)
  • Internal data logger with real-time clock
  • ​2-s measurement interval
  • On-board microprocessor with interactive menus includes data averaging options of 10 s, 1 m, 5 m, 1 hr, and user-defined adaptive filter
  • USB and RS-232 output of time/date, O3 concentration, internal temperature and pressure
  • Analog output (0-2.5 V and 4-20 mA) of ozone concentration in user-selected units and scaling factors
  • Two 2-level relays for control purposes (e.g., control of ozone source or turn warning light on and off); Four relays on Industrial enclosure models and in the 3-channel and 6-channel optional configurations
  • Long-life pump (15,000 hr)
  • Bluetooth option for wireless data transmission
  • Optional configurations for 3-channel or 6-channel air sampling for 106-L, -M, and -MH

Technic features :

  • Measuring principle: UV absorption at 254 nm
  • Measurement interval: 10 s (data averaging options: 10 s, 1 min, 5 min, 1 hour)
  • Flow range: 1 l / min
  • Data logging: 14336 lines (10 s averaging = 1.4 days, 5 minutes averaging = 1.4 months)
  • Output ports: USB, RS232, 0-2.5 V analog, 4-20 mA, LCD display
  • Dimensions: 10 x 19 x 22 cm, weight: 2.0 kg

This product the 106 series of ozone monitors was designed specifically for the industrial ozone industry to cover four different ozone concentration ranges by varying the optical path length. The ranges are: -L (low, 0-100 ppm); -M (medium, 0-1,000 ppm)-MH (medium high, 0-10,000 ppm, 0-1 vol%) and -H (0- 20 wt%, 0-14 vol%).

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