Air Monitoring Packages
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Air Monitoring Packages | 2.B Tech

Measuring system that analyzes various air components (humidity, pollution, etc.) to give a more accurate picture of the state of an atmosphere.


The AQLite Air Monitoring Packages are the ultimate combination of performance and size for an air quality measurement system. Our customizable packages can be deployed in a wide variety of air monitoring applications.  

The AQLite's actively ventilated, mountable NEMA enclosure and low power requirement (15 watt or less, depending on package choices) are ideal for operating the unit with the user's solar panel, opening the door for vast networks of AQLites to be deployed in remote outdoor locations as well as roadside and urban settings.

The AQLite-Standard package combines our US EPA approved Federal Equivalent Method (FEM) Model 108-L Ozone Monitor  with robust and reliable sensors that measure CO2, particulate matter (PM1, PM2.5), pressure (P), instrument temperature (T), and instrument relative humidity (RH). In the AQLite-Customizable packages, any two of the following sensors can be added to the AQLite-Standard's measurement suite: CO, NO2, SO2, total VOCs.  The AQLite-Standard and Customizable packages can be purchased with the option to upload data directly to the Cloud via cellular for easy access using the 2B Tech Data Portal.  An optional vehicle mounting system can be used for mobile monitoring. The optional weather station enables expanded meteorological data.

Features :

  • Configurations available for measuring O3, CO, CO2, PM1, PM2.5, SO2, NO2, TVOCs
  • O3 measurements using a highly accurate FEM ozone monitor with a small footprint
  • Includes measurements of pressure (P), instrument temperature (T), and instrument relative humidity (RH) in the data stream for the AQLite-Standard and AQLite-Customizable configurations
  • Real-time cellular data transmission to the Cloud
  • Access to data via the Data Portal on the 2B Tech website
  • Bluetooth data transmission and mobile smartphone application (iOS and Android) for real-time mapping and graphing of data
  • MicroSD data storage
  • AC-DC or DC-DC configurations
  • Power requirement: 15 watt or less, depending on package chosen
  • Panels available for mounting upon request
  • RS232 data output (and Modbus over RS485 data output coming soon)
  • Option for Solar Power configuration, enabling remote applications using the user's solar panel
  • Optional weather station for expanded meteorological data
  • Optional vehicle mounting system for mobile monitoring


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