Scrubberless Ozone Monitor without NO
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Scrubberless Ozone Monitor without NO | 2.B Tech

At a time when we're living in a more polluted world, the 211-G model offers ozone measurement in the air without interference from particulate matter. It's much easier and faster.


Difference between 211 and 211-G :

Compared to model 211, the 211-G does not need to use the nitrous oxide (NO) source to measure ozone in polluted air with multiple interferences. However, the 2 retain the same usefulness (measure ozone in polluted air) and are a good alternative for regions wishing to comply with the new national ambient air quality standard, simply by taking a more accurate measurement.

Features :

  • Measurement of ambient ozone with greatly reduced susceptibility to interferences from other UV-absorbing species such as aromatic VOCs and mercury
  • Dual beam, long path (30 cm) optical bench with high precision (< 0.5 ppb)
  • DewLine™ for elimination of water vapor interference, a unique feature of 2B Tech instruments
  • Inexpensive, simple, and robust instrument design in a 19” rack mount enclosure
  • Internal data logger
  • SD flash memory for virtually unlimited portable data storage
  • NIST-traceable calibration (calibration suggested annually)
  • Internal long-life sample pump (15,000 hours)
  • EPA Federal Equivalent Method (FEM) for compliance monitoring (modification to EQOA–0514–215)
  • Convenient user interface, including remote operation via RS-232 communication

Options :

  • Battery
  • External particle filter
  • Cold-weather package: Lamp heater for outdoor operation in extreme environments
  • Bluetooth wireless data transmission
  • 4-20 mA analog current output
  • External serial-to-USB adapter

Technicals features :

Measurement Principle UV Absorbance at 254 nm; Dual Beam
Power Requirement; Supplied by Battery or 110/220 VAC Power Pack 11-14 V dc or 120/240 V ac, 1.8 A at 12 V, 22 watt
Size Rackmount: 17" w x 14.5" d x 5.5" h (43 x 37 x 14 cm)
Weight 13.4 lb (6.1 kg)




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