Root And Trunk Testing System: DynaTree
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Root And Trunk Testing System: DynaTree | Fakopp

The dynamic pulling test harnesses wind gusts of at least 25 km/h, opting for genuine wind forces rather than artificial cables. Conducted in real windy conditions, this method captures the authentic interplay between the tree, its surroundings, and the current state of the crown and soil. Embrace the power of the wind – let it work for you! :)



Utilize the DynaTree system on days with wind gust velocities of at least 25 km/h (15 mph). The setup process involves the following steps:

  1. Assemble the anemometer tower near the targeted tree(s). Attach the anemometer to the top and raise the tower. Wind velocity readings are transmitted to and collected at the instrument box situated at the tower's base.
  2. Initiate data recording by pressing the START button on the instrument box.
  3. Affix the inclinometer to the root collar of the tree under assessment.
  4. Attach the elastometers to the tree trunk being assessed, connecting them to the central unit. Commence data recording by pressing the START buttons on the side of the instrument box.
  5. Repeat the previous three steps if evaluating multiple trees with additional inclinometers and/or elastometers.
  6. Record data for a minimum of 3 hours, with longer durations preferred.
  7. Upon completion of recordings, transfer the acquired data to a PC either by extracting the internal SD card or by switching the instruments to Wi-Fi mode.
  8. Load the data into the DynaTree evaluation software and compute the safety factor.

The system comprises four essential components:


An instrument designed to measure wind velocity in the proximity of the tree under assessment. While closer measurements are preferable, depending on wind velocity, DynaRoot can yield reliable data even if measurements are taken several kilometers/miles away. Ideally positioned at a minimum height of 10m, the anemometer offers frequent wind velocity data. Optimal placement involves avoiding obstructions like buildings, ensuring a clear path for the wind.

Dual Axis Inclinometer

This instrument, attached to the root collar, gauges the trunk's inclination in two perpendicular directions. Delivering highly accurate inclination data at a satisfactory frequency, the inclinometer contributes crucial information to the evaluation process.


Affixed to the trunk, the elastometer measures the micro elongation of the tree trunk, providing valuable data for a comprehensive assessment.

DynaRoot Evaluation Software

A PC software tailored for the assessment of wind velocity and inclination. Data, recorded over an extended period, are transmitted from the anemometer and inclinometer via memory cards or wirelessly through Wi-Fi. The software dissects the data into shorter intervals, calculating statistical parameters for each interval, which play a pivotal role in the evaluation of tree stability.

Manual for the DynaTree

Manual for the DynaTree root and trunk evaluation system

Download (5.06M)


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