Root Detector
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Root Detector | Fakopp

To identify larger roots, the method relies on the quicker transmission of sound through roots compared to soil. This measurement remains unaffected by neighboring tree roots or underground pipes, ensuring accuracy. It is available as an independent tool and as an extension for the ArborSonic 3D package, offering versatile solutions for root detection.



Place the rectangular sensor with the long cable on the tree, ensuring the spike points toward the roots. Connect the BNC connector to the black amplifier box. Attach the soil sensor (cylindrical) to the amplifier box. Secure a loose rope around the tree to maintain a consistent distance between the tree and the soil sensor. Proceed to move the soil sensor in small steps around the tree, ensuring the rope stays taut. Take measurements at each sensor position.

  • Time required for one measurement: ~ 1 hour Hammer100 g 
  • Measured time precision: ± 2 μs 
  • Number of sensors: 2 
  • Sensors  : starter : SD02 piezo sensor / receiver : high frequency geophone


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