Fakopp Bt, founded in 2005, is dedicated to the development, production, and promotion of testing equipment for forestry and the wood industries. Building upon the foundation of a private enterprise active from 1994 to 2005, our company boasts over 25 years of valuable professional experience.


Acoustic Tree Tomograph: ArborSonic 3D

Our most sought-after product among arborists is designed to detect the size and location of decayed or hollow regions within tree trunks. It operates with impressive speed, allowing a measurement to be completed in just 5-10 minutes, and generates a comprehensive 3D model of the trunk with multiple layers of measurement. Additionally, the software offers customizable wind load modeling. What sets it apart is its non-destructive technique that employs sound waves, avoiding any use of radiation. For trees with thick bark, we also provide 12 cm long nails as an option.

Impedance Tomograph: ArborElectro

Utilizing electric resistivity measurements, the system, equipped with up to 32 sensors encircling the trunk, can detect the size and location of actively fungi-affected regions. It allows the visualization of both seasonal and daily changes, as resistivity increases or decreases in response to fluctuations in ionic concentration, enabling the identification of fungal attacks even in their early stages.

Portable lumber grader

EN-338 norm establishes the strength classes for structural lumber. The Portable Lumber Grader is specifically crafted to adhere to this norm, accommodating two distinct species classes: deciduous and coniferous, which includes poplar. The grading process relies on assessing the modulus of elasticity (MOE) and the average specific gravity of the lumber. This system efficiently determines MOE and specific gravity within a swift timeframe of 1 second per lumber.

Pulling Test

Currently, the widely accepted approach for assessing the safety and stability of tree roots involves applying a bending load to the trunk through a cable connected to the tree. This method is utilized to evaluate both the uprooting stability of the tree and the potential risk of trunk breakage.

Root And Trunk Testing System: DynaTree

The dynamic pulling test harnesses wind gusts of at least 25 km/h, opting for genuine wind forces rather than artificial cables. Conducted in real windy conditions, this method captures the authentic interplay between the tree, its surroundings, and the current state of the crown and soil. Embrace the power of the wind – let it work for you! :)

Root Detector

To identify larger roots, the method relies on the quicker transmission of sound through roots compared to soil. This measurement remains unaffected by neighboring tree roots or underground pipes, ensuring accuracy. It is available as an independent tool and as an extension for the ArborSonic 3D package, offering versatile solutions for root detection.

Screw Withdrawal Force Meter

The force required for screw withdrawal serves as an indicator for wood strength, density, and shear modulus. To facilitate this measurement, Fakopp Enterprise has introduced a portable screw withdrawal force meter, utilizing a 4mm diameter screw with an 18mm thread length. Although the screw withdrawal force is a localized parameter, selecting a representative location on a beam can yield valuable insights for evaluating wooden structures.