UV radiometer measuring the four UV bands (A, B, C, V) : Power Puck II
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UV radiometer measuring the four UV bands (A, B, C, V) : Power Puck II | EIT 2.0

UV Radiometer comprising the four bands L of EIT 2.0 LLC (L-365, L-385, L-395, L-405) in one system

Usefull for working (R&D, field service techs, source suppliers, formulators) or you are faced with several types of LEDs.


This radiometer is perfect carrier to adapt quickly and specifically to several led at different nm value. He was developed for LED source manufacturers, formulators, R&D labs and field service technicians who routinely encounter different wavelength LEDs (365, 385, 395 & 405nm) and want very accurate measurements.

  • Has all four EIT L-Bands (L-365; L-385, L-395 and L-405) in one portable unit with a dynamic range of 40 W/cm2
  • Features each of EIT’s four L-Bands with their patented Total Measured Optical Response (TMOR™) for accurate, repeatable and absolute UV LED measurements
  • Is easy to use with individual L-Band Irradiance (W/cm2) and Energy Density (J/cm2) values shown on the display along with low-resolution irradiance profile
  • The patented Total Measured Optic Response within each L-Band ensures highly accurate and consistent readings, surpassing the capabilities of wide band instruments.
  • LED energy can be detected across multiple L-Bands, and it is important for users to focus on the values specific to the LED's corresponding band, rather than summing readings from all bands.
  • The LEDCure Profiler and LEDCure Profiler Four Band radiometers offer the following features:
  • Simple single-button operation, designed for both production and laboratory environments, with all values conveniently displayed.
  • Profiling function specifically catered to laboratory, R&D, field service, and troubleshooting applications.

Data and UV PowerView III Software :

It allows to send its data to the EIT’s UV PowerView III Software for detailed analysis and a better readability and understanding. The displayed values and irradiance profile are transferred to the UV PowerView III at an effective sampling frequency of 128 Hz.


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