Power Puck II Profiler / UviCure Plus II Profiler
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Power Puck II Profiler / UviCure Plus II Profiler | EIT 2.0

UV Radiometer with 2 options of data interface (on display or software).


Profiler versions of the UviCure Plus II or UV Power Puck II operate in the same manner as Standard units, The Profiler function allows the transfer of the numerical (irradiance, energy density) values and the irradiance profile (Watts as a function of time) to a computer via a USB port for analysis with the EIT UV PowerView Software III Program.  

Note :

  • Display with Joule/Watt values plus irradiance profile, works with UV PowerView III  
  • Profiler sample rate of 128 Hz, adjustable display sample rate: 25, 128 or 2048 Hz
  • High Mid or Low dynamic ranges specified at time of order, user changeable batteries
  • Power Puck II: Four UV bands (UVA, UVB, UVC UVV)
  • UviCure Plus II: Single UV Band specified at order
Display Option Profiler Option
The Display Option presents the data (W/cm2, J/cm2 & low resolution irradiance profile) on the display The Profiler Option transfers the data includ-ing the irradiance profile to a computer
Single button operation for ease of use on a pro-duction line EIT’s UV PowerView Software® III allows for further analysis, comparison and evaluation.


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