LEDMAP profiling radiometer
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LEDMAP profiling radiometer | EIT 2.0

The EIT LEDMAP is designed to measure LED sources in high speed applications with EIT’s patented LED L-Bands. Based on the EIT system Power View III. 


The EIT PowerMAP II and LEDMAP are Profiling Radiometers that provides the irradiance (W/cm2 ), energy density (J/cm2 ), irradiance profile (Watts/cm2 as a function of time) and temperature profile (°C as a function of time). The compact, one-piece instruments are 60% smaller than the original EIT PowerMAP and have a larger memory for increased data gathering. Both instruments utilize EIT’s UV PowerView Software III for detailed visual and numerical analysis of the sources. 

LEDMAP Features :

  • Size: Compact size of 5.5” x 2.1” x 0.55” (13.8 cm x 5.3 cm x 1.27 cm), allows use on molding lines and chill drums
  • Sample Rate: User adjustable from 128-2048 (Hz) samples per second
  • Memory Capacity: Supports 65 minutes of data collection at 2048 Hz.
  • Temperature Measurement: J-type thermocouple included, samples at 32 Hz
  • Battery:  Typical battery life is 100 minutes. Rechargeable in +/- 90 minutes with included smart charger. May also charge via a computer USB port.
  • Pause Mode:  Allows the user to ‘pause’ the instrument up to eight dif- ferent times to collect data prior to transfer to UV PowerView Software III.
  • Single or four-band instruments designed for meas- urement of UV LEDs
  • Patented EIT L-Band with all optics included in the instrument response
  • L365 (340-392 nm), L385 (360-412 nm), L395 (370-422 nm) and/or L405 (380-432 nm)
  • Dynamic range of 40 W/cm2

The image shows  34 individual LED peaks collected over 30 second interval at a speed of 400 fpm on a high speed digital printer. The sample rate was 2130.5 Hz.


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