MicroCure UV Measurement System
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MicroCure UV Measurement System | EIT 2.0

This is the smallest UV measuring system in our range. It measures the band UVA (320 - 390nm) or the band UVV (390 - 440nm). 


It is offered in 3 different versions:

  • Microcure 2 W with measurable range 2 W / cm² (most commonly used version)
  • Microcure 10 W with measurable range 10 W / cm².
  • Microcure 200 mW with measurable range 200 mW /cm2

As an option, the Datareader reader is available, operating with a 9V battery : it is essential to retrieve and display the data recorded by the Microcure on a 4-digit LCD display. Moreover, you can buy separately the Microcure (provided you have a Datareader in stock) and the Datareader.

But we propose the Package; "Microcure Starter kit" which includes: 2 x Microcure + 1 x Datareader.

Characteristics Microcure :

  • Lifetime limited to 200 measurements / 1 year
  • Temperature range : 0-70°C

Advantages :

  • Thanks to its very small size and weight, the Microcure cell can be mounted on objects (boxes, tubes etc.) or stuck on strips through UV ovens
  • High speed sampling rate (2000 samples /sec )
  • Easy to use
  • Resistant to high temperatures.

Typical applications :

  • Control of UV systems requiring a small radiometer that can be carried on board
  • UV curing for bottles, cans
  • Integration in conveyor systems for small objects e.g. semiconductor printing.
  • Statistical measurements for process control
  • Control of production lines in the automotive industry


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