Compact Sensors
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Compact Sensors | EIT 2.0

Compact sensor for monitoring UV processes in various industrial environments.


This compact UV sensor for UV process monitoring has the following advantages :

  • Optics to virtually eliminate solarization of the sensor
  • Very compact, allowing it to be mounted in tight spaces
  • Designed for quick and easy mounting
  • Use with most lamp manufacturers and types
  • Sealed optics to prevent contamination
  • Air or nitrogen purge connector keeps optics clean

Features :

  • The Compact Sensor is small, stable and robust with sealed optics that are highly resistant to solarization
  • The Sensor is used in a 1:1 ratio with the EIT 2.0 LLC DIN Rail
  • Compact Sensor Options include:
  1. Housing Shape: CS-1 (With purge) or CS-2 (Without Purge)
  2. UV Bands Available: Mercury (UVA, UVB, UVC or UVV) / LED (L-365, L-385, L-395 or L-405)
  3. Internal Aperture size is based on source power and mounting location
  • Refer to the brochure for temperature limits.
  • The EIT 2.0 LLC Quartz Rod can be used in applications with high temperatures or limited space  


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