UV PowerView Software III
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UV PowerView Software III | EIT 2.0

Software that analyzes data generated by radiometers MAP PowerMAP II / LEDMap and PROFILER (LEDCure, Power Puck II and UviCure Plus II).


EIT 2.0 LLC's UV PowerView Software III is used to transfer and analyze the data collected by EIT's MAP (PowerMAP II/LEDMap™) and PROFILER (LEDCure, Power Puck II and UviCure Plus II) radiometers.

Software Note :

  • Coordinate with your Company IT group before removing or installing any files
  • For all programs, download the software first, unzip it and run setup.exe as an administrator
  • “Puck” units must be a “Profiler” to work with PowerView III software.
  • “Profiler” enabled instruments will say “Profiler” in the first line of the display upon startup

The latest software updates include: addition of a file conversion tool (*.eit to *.tdms); additional printing options; reduction of peak memory usage; addition of an ActiveX support application and minor interface updates.

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