Personal Aerosol Monitor: HD-7204
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Personal Aerosol Monitor: HD-7204 | Environmental Devices

Discover the convenience of the Haz-Dust™ HD-7204, a single device with a flow-compensated pump and real-time monitoring capabilities. Say goodbye to the hassle of using two separate tools. Our OSHA-compliant sensor is perfectly situated between the sampling inlet and an optional FRM filter cassette for seamless performance.


Introducing the cutting-edge Haz-Dust™ HD-7204, featuring a flow-compensated pump designed for compliance monitoring. Gone are the days of needing two separate devices and the hassle of colocating an FRM filter cassette with a real-time reading instrument. With the HD-7204, you get a flow-compensated pump equipped with real-time capabilities. Our sensor, strategically positioned within the OSHA-defined breathing zone, is seamlessly positioned between the sampling inlet and the optional FRM filter cassette.

  • Flow compensated pump
  • An optical sensor mounted in the OSHA defined breathing zone
  • Accepts any standard 27 or 25mm pre-loaded filter cassette
  • Validated sampler meets the ISO 7708 Standard
  • Easy to clean optical sensor with calibration span verification.
  • On screen programing for creating a unique aerosol library and data sets.


  • Applications requiring a compliance monitor – including the new OSHA regulation on silica.
  • Evaluating work practices and controls
  • Air quality studies in occupational health and Industrial Hygiene
  • Safety Audits
  • Welding fume exposure