Personal Silica Monitor OSHA compliant: SM-7204
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Personal Silica Monitor OSHA compliant: SM-7204 | Environmental Devices

The SM-4000 Real-Time Personal Silica Monitor is designed for accurate worker exposure assessment. It places a Real-Time Optical Sensor in the OSHA-defined breathing zone, reducing dust buildup compared to other devices. A gravimetric filter cassette enhances particle capture, ensuring precise exposure measurements. Real-Time Concentration Readings are available, and the included DustComm Software allows for detailed analysis and time history reporting.


Introducing the groundbreaking EDC Personal Silica Monitoring SM-7204 – your ultimate solution for swift identification and resolution of hazardous Silica particulate issues! Say goodbye to cumbersome setups with two separate devices. With its integrated compensating pump and preweighed filter cassette, the SM-7204 streamlines your process, offering real-time particulate readouts alongside precise gravimetric sampling, all in one sleek package.

No more guesswork or delays – the SM-7204 instantly pinpoints problem areas and empowers you to implement effective controls on the spot. Whether it's silica (SiO2) or any other particulate matter, rest assured, you're equipped with the most advanced technology tailored for your needs.

But that's not all. With its intuitive design, the SM-7204 keeps you ahead of the curve by alerting you to approaching thresholds, ensuring proactive corrective action. And when it comes to cost-effectiveness, versatility, and performance, the SM-7204 reigns supreme, boasting the widest range, lowest detection limits, and unparalleled resolution among personal dust monitors on the market.

Experience peace of mind and unparalleled efficiency with the SM-7204 – the smart choice for safeguarding your environment and maximizing your productivity

This tool is essential to ensure the safety of your employees while checking that you are conform with the new OHSA regulation. The new regulations apply to all employers with employees exposed to RCS above 25 μg/m3 under any foreseeable conditions. The new 50 μg/m3 PEL is half of the current 100 μg/m3 PEL from prior regulations but twice as permitting as the 25 μg/m3 PEL previously proposed by OSHA.

  • Flow compensated pump
  • An optical sensor mounted in the OSHA defined breathing zone
  • Accepts any standard 27 or 25mm pre-loaded filter cassette
  • Validated sampler meets the ISO 7708 Standard
  • Easy to clean optical sensor with calibration span verification.
  • On screen programming for creating a unique aerosol library and data sets.


  • Foundry Work
  • OSHA compliance
  • Stone Cutting
  • Quarry Work
  • Tunneling
  • Rock Drilling
  • Any occupation which cuts, chips, drills, grinds silica into respirable size fractions