Personal Diesel Particulate Monitor: DPM-7204
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Personal Diesel Particulate Monitor: DPM-7204 | Environmental Devices

Meet the HD-7204: Your on-the-go tool for real-time diesel particulate matter measurements in industrial and environmental settings. It's the only monitor designed for personal use and DPM compliance checks.


The HD-7204 is a purpose-built product tailored for the assessment of diesel particulate matter in the contexts of Industrial Hygiene and Environmental air investigations. Designed to be worn individually, it provides swift and accurate measurements while recording data on airborne diesel particulate concentrations in micrograms per cubic meter. It stands as the exclusive commercially accessible personal direct-reading aerosol monitor, meticulously crafted and calibrated for gauging diesel particulate matter exposure in occupational settings. Furthermore, it boasts the unique distinction of being the sole real-time Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) Compliance monitor available in the market.

  • Flow compensated pump
  • An optical sensor mounted in the OSHA defined breathing zone
  • Accepts any standard 27 or 25mm pre-loaded filter cassette
  • Validated sampler meets the ISO 7708 Standard
  • Easy to clean optical sensor with calibration span verification.
  • On screen programming for creating a unique aerosol library and data sets.


  • Diesel Engine Surveys
  • Combustion Efficiency
  • Mining
  • Transportation (i.e. bus depots, trucking, freight)
  • Survey tool for MSHA and NIOSH Compliance Programs