Environmental Devices

Environmental Devices Corporation, established in 1990, is a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge scientific instruments designed for real-time air quality monitoring. EDC has successfully developed and brought to market a range of advanced air monitoring equipment, all of which are known for their exceptional portability, lightweight design, and compact form.

Their products range from the low-cost handheld Haz-Dust Respiratory Particulate Monitor (model HD-1100) to the more sophisticated Environmental Particulate Air Monitor (model EPAM-5000) for 24-hour sampling. Whatever your environmental device needs, they are sure to have one or more products that meet their. No matter what your application, EDC can help you find exactly what you are looking for, or they can custom manufacture an instrument to fit your needs.

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Personal Aerosol Monitor: HD-7204

Discover the convenience of the Haz-Dust™ HD-7204, a single device with a flow-compensated pump and real-time monitoring capabilities. Say goodbye to the hassle of using two separate tools. Our OSHA-compliant sensor is perfectly situated between the sampling inlet and an optional FRM filter cassette for seamless performance.

Personal Silica Monitor OSHA compliant: SM-7204

The SM-4000 Real-Time Personal Silica Monitor is designed for accurate worker exposure assessment. It places a Real-Time Optical Sensor in the OSHA-defined breathing zone, reducing dust buildup compared to other devices. A gravimetric filter cassette enhances particle capture, ensuring precise exposure measurements. Real-Time Concentration Readings are available, and the included DustComm Software allows for detailed analysis and time history reporting.

Portable Air Quality Monitor: HIM-6000

HIM-6000 by Haz-Scanner™: A portable air quality monitor for precise PM 2.5 and PM 10 measurements, with up to 12 sensors for gases, sound, radiation, and meteorological data. Options include solar power, 5-mile wireless data, and remote viewing. Breathe easier with HIM-6000.