Airborne Particulate Monitor: AA-3500
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Airborne Particulate Monitor: AA-3500 | Environmental Devices

The AA-3500 Airborne Particulate Monitor provides instant, accurate readings of harmful particles. It's portable, versatile, and eliminates the need for costly lab analyses with its graphical PC software.


The Air-Aide Model AA-3500 Airborne Particulate Monitor offers precise and real-time concentration readings for harmful lung-affecting particles and aerosols. This portable handheld device, the AA-3500, serves as a valuable survey tool for assessing detrimental particulate matter. Its distinctive sensor design finds applications in various sectors, including indoor air quality (IAQ), HVAC, environmental management, and industrial hygiene.

The device promptly displays and stores measurement results in its memory. The included PC software enables users to generate graphical and statistical representations of the overall dust generation process, eliminating the need for repetitive and costly filter gravimetric laboratory analyses.

  • Direct Reading with high resolution
  • Size selective inlets
  • On-screen programing
  • CE, ETL approved
  • Optional wireless data transmission to computer


  • Ventilations system analyzer
  • Survey of work place compliance
  • IAQ for respirable particulates
  • “Green Buildings” Certification
  • Exposure monitoring of all dusts and aerosols