Miniature POM : Ozone Controller
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Miniature POM : Ozone Controller | 2.B Tech

2.B Tech create the World's Smallest Ozone Monitor hand-held, with integrated GPS to geolocate risk ozone zones.


Lightweight and easy to carry in one hand, the POM Ozone Controller is equipped with a built-in GPS for continuous recording of ozone measurements and geographical location. Just as accurate and powerful as the 202205 and 106-L models (~1.5 ppb).

Features :

  • Small (palm-sized)
  • Lightweight (~1 lb)
  • Same measurement principle (UV absorbance) and similar precision (~1.5 ppb) as much larger instruments
  • Approved as a Federal Equivalent Method (FEM) (EQOA-0815-227)
  • Measure ozone up to 10,000 ppb (10 ppm)
  • Belt clip and compact lithium-ion battery pack in side bracket for extreme portability
  • Adapters enable AC or 12V battery operation
  • Low power requirement: 3 watt
  • Internal data logger
  • Built-in GPS logs location along with ozone measurements
  • Fast 2-s or 10-s measurements
  • User-selected averaging times of 1 min, 5 min, or 1 hr
  • Serial or USB connections for data downloading

Applications :

  • Personal exposure monitoring for studies of health effects of air pollutants
  • Health and safety monitoring at industrial sites using ozone
  • Vertical profiling using balloons, kites, RPVs, and light aircraft where space and weight are highly limited
  • Long-term monitoring at remote locations where power is highly limited
  • Urban arrays of ground-based detectors

Application note :

This application note describes a study in which the POM was flown on a drone over the Chesapeake Bay, to study the chemistry inside the plume of a large cargo ship at sea.  The versatility of the POM was highlighted in this work, which also called on another POM to carry out complementary measurements at a nearby ground station. Download the study in "Download".


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