Monitoring CO2, temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure : Aranet4 Pro

Aranet4 is an easy to use CO² monitoring device that lets you know right away if the ventilation is sufficient and whether you are at an elevated risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection via aerosols. Visual color indicators as well as a sound alarm will notify you when action (opening windows, turning up the ventilation or leaving the room all together) must be taken

UVC Exposure Meter

Monitor UV light exposure levels where a minimum UV exposure level is required for your process. Ideal for UV disinfection tunnels and conveyors. Measure UV in the wavelength range 230 – 280 nm Measurements shown in J/m2 Monitor drop off of UV bulbs and tubes Natural sunlight measurements

Decontamination trolley by UVC applied to air and surfaces

Tablet controlled mobile decontamination unit for disinfection of air and surfaces within rooms to reduce bacteria, viruses and other contamination.     Releases high UVC output at a frequency of 254 nm     3m radius coverage with a 6m diameter     Includes eight high output UVC germicidal tubes     Motion sensor to prevent personal exposure     Includes a tablet for Wi-Fi operations

Aluminium UV Germicidal Units

Modular UV germicidal lamps for mounting within rooms, laboratories, cold stores or over existing production lines. High UVC output at 254 nm 150W, 72W or 34W options Contains 2 x UVC germicidal tubes Includes mounting bracket Supplied as an individual item or part of a full solution along side recommended UV safety products, information and training based on your particular process.