Odour monitoring management: White Paper ES Canada

Odour monitoring management: White Paper

Download the White paper : Real Time Odour Impact Analysis and Complain Management

By Ayyan Karmakar, Ankur Mehta


This white paper presents how real-time odour impact assessment can be carried out and how that helps in the effective management of odour complaints. 

Odour is the perception of smell; it may range from being unpleasant (like the rotten smell of garbage) to pleasant (fragrance). Odours, pleasant or unpleasant; are produced by inhaling airborne volatile organic and inorganic compounds. Populations do not generally perceive other common air pollutants, even if the exposure limit concentrations are exceeded. On the contrary, odours can be perceived even at below normal exposure limit concentrations.

Also, due to its subjective nature, the level of odour sensitivity can vary from person to person within the same community. It is therefore very important to measure odour in quantifiable units to be able to control it. Olfactometry is the method of converting human sensory signals of odour perception into measurable values. Usually, a group of people are employed as a human panel for odour detection and assessment.

Although odour sensitivity differs from person to person, at sufficiently high concentrations, odorous compounds can have impacts on human health and well-being. If the offensive odour persists, it generally leads to headache, nausea, stress, anxiety, vomiting, sleep disorder, behavioural changes. Moreover, the odour generating pollutants also cause irritation to eyes, respiratory tract, skin, bronchi, lungs and prolonged exposure can cause serious health issues. People are increasingly complaining about their inability to enjoy their own property and outdoor activities such as gardening, playing outside etc. due to odour nuisance in their neighbourhood. Complaint management of odour impact is crucial for improved odour management and mitigation. Data from real-time odour monitoring provides essential inputs to carry out odour impact analysis which helps in the effective resolution of odour complaints.


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