Case Study: How To Achieve 20% Yield Increase With Technology ES Canada

Case Study: How To Achieve 20% Yield Increase With Technology

The cost of energy is rising everywhere, and growers must increase production to stay competitive. Technology can ensure the best growth conditions by monitoring temperature, humidity, light, carbon dioxide (CO2), weight, soil moisture, stem diameter and other important parameters.

Greenhouses have undergone important changes in the last five years. IoT technologies provide essential data for agricultural businesses to operate with more precision and to make processes effective and profitable.

Aranet offers the largest selection of wireless sensors in the market. Growers use this technology to easily and wirelessly gather more data points to optimize growth conditions and increase greenhouse yield by substantial amounts. 

This white paper, shows how one grower in Northern Europe achieved a 20 % yield increase in his greenhouse using Aranet solutions. 


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