SURCIS, S.L. emerged in 2003 as a spin-off from Dinko Instruments (, sharing both its infrastructure and certain product lines. At SURCIS, S.L., our primary commitment revolves around addressing critical requirements concerning the measurement of key biological parameters and their applications in controlling, designing, and researching biological processes within municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities.

To achieve this goal, we've pioneered our distinctive respirometry systems and fortified our company with tailored resources to uphold this dedication. 

The spectrum of activities and domains that Surcis engages with can be succinctly outlined as follows:

  1. Comprehensive utilization of BM Respirometry: This entails the creation, distribution, and leasing of our exclusive range of BM respirometers.
  2. Tailored solutions to cater to specific demands.
  3. Provision of Respirometry Services, either directly to clients or in collaboration with other enterprises.
  4. Consultation initiatives aimed at resolving issues associated with diverse wastewater treatment scenarios.
  5. Practical workshops implemented in treatment plants to facilitate real-world application.
  6. An ongoing Research and Development program to continually innovate new respirometry applications.
  7. Openness to collaborate with complementary enterprises seeking our services, equipment, or novel advancements.

The BM respirometry system is characterized by a cutting-edge design that emphasizes simplicity and minimal maintenance, underpinned by a patented framework.