UVC Exposure Meter
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UVC Exposure Meter

Monitor UV light exposure levels where a minimum UV exposure level is required for your process. Ideal for UV disinfection tunnels and conveyors.

  • Measure UV in the wavelength range 230 – 280 nm
  • Measurements shown in J/m2
  • Monitor drop off of UV bulbs and tubes
  • Natural sunlight measurements

This portable controller allows you to control the minimum UVC exposure level required for your process. 

Able to be loaded onto the production line, it is the ideal control tool for conveyors and UV disinfection tunnels. 

Technical Characteristics:

Measurement unit

UV spectral response 230 – 280 nm
Measuring range 0 – 999,999 J/m2
Display 6 digit LCD
Weight 150 g
Dimensions 90 mm x 12 mm
Operating temperature range 0 – 75oC
Operating humidity 5 – 80 & RH
Power supply 3.6 V lithium battery
Calibration interval 6 – 12 months depending on usage

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