Advanced respirometry for activated sludge process  ES Canada

Advanced respirometry for activated sludge process

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Respirometry is the measurement and interpretation of the biological oxygen consumption rate under well defined experimental conditions. Because oxygen consumption is directly associated with both biomass growth and substrate removal, respirometry is a very useful technique for monitoring, modeling and control of the activated sludge process

The Respirometry technology is a well known since long. But, on the recent years, it has experimented an important step forward by improving its performance by developing different operation modes and also including, besides the oxygen sensor, some complementary sensors to monitor and assess some conditions, such as Temperature, pH, ORP, that could make a critical influence in the organics and nitrogen treatment.

The advanced multipurpose Respirometry systems are able to combine all the measurements in powerful software which, in a relatively simple way, is able to determine a series of fundamental parameters which can lead to some essential applications that no wastewater treatment process should ignore and that represent the vertebral column of its performance. In addition, this advanced respirometry system can also include a special reactor to carry out respirometry tests with moving bed biofilms (for MBBR) or granular biomass.

Download the white paper

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